Recruiting Information

We are recruiting referees, non-skating officials (NSOs), and skaters at regular intervals during the year.  We will provide training, skater assessments and set recruits up with the paperwork they need to get started. Dues are $35 per month. Referees and NSOs are not required to pay dues. Here are some ways you can get prepared:

Purchase all the gear you need. 

Fog City Rollers insurance requires that all skaters wear full gear at all times. You will need a helmet (multi-impact), mouth guard, elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads and roller skates. Feel free to buy used, but we strongly recommend buying new, high quality knee pads at the very least. Most roller derby gear websites offer rookie (or fresh meat) packages that include all of this gear at a pretty good discount to get you started. You can get your gear & skates online through RollerGirl.

Keep in touch! 

We will announce new information if details change, but if you are planning on visiting please check with us within a few days of your visit so we can hide the bodi*ahem*let you know if there are any changes of location or time. Just email

Learn the game and the rules.

Countless bouts have been filmed and archived online via and also Canuck Derby TV . The rules can be found here. There is a lot to learn in derby and it’s best to get an early start understanding the rules, basic strategies etc. Plus, it is extremely fun to watch!

Our Training Program

Our training covers basic skating skills as well as a minimum standard of derby specific skills which can be found here. Generally on the first day of the training program, skaters are required to bring a photocopy of their provincial ID and their first annual $55 insurance fee.  This program is gauged to be well rounded so that skaters who come in with zero skating experience will leave with the basics of both skating and derby, and more experienced skaters can hone the more derby-specific skills they will need.

Training Levels – Level 1 is our Learn to Skate program which teaches the basics of skating. Level 2 is our Fresh Meat program which provides the building blocks towards more advanced and roller derby specific skills. If skaters are unable to perform a group of skills confidently within the maximum estimated time for each level, they are requested to work on the skills privately until the next training cycle for that level.

Skills You Will Learn

-Skating posture, stride, and crossovers
-One Foot Glides
-Sticky Skating
-How to Fall Safely
-Hopping Vertically and Laterally
-Focus (looking around while skating)
-Weaving & Cutting
-Whips & Pushes
-Pacing with others
-Avoiding Unexpected Obstacles
-Leaning On & Bumping Other Skaters
-Taking and Giving Hits
-Positional Blocking
-Skating Backwards
-Speed & Endurance

Please review the minimum skills that Fog City Rollers members are trained to perform confidently.

If you have any questions, are interested in attending a practice to see what it’s like, or for current information on upcoming recruiting and training please email